June No-Cook Visual Recipes For Kids

June No-Cook Visual Recipes For Kids

June No-Cook Visual Recipes for Kids

You may be asking yourself why would I do cooking activities with my kids or students.  Well, here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Motivation
  • Language Skills
  • Sensory Experience
  • Articulation
  • Social Skills
  • Self-Esteem
  • Cognitive Development
  • And more!
  • While those are just some of the many ways that crafting engaging cooking lessons can aid in other imperative goals or skills. Starting a cooking activity at home or during your session does not have to be complex. One of the ways to create a positive, memorable cooking activity is getting the kids engaged with all things cooking & creating.


    I have narrowed down 3 Strategies for Boosting Engagement in Cooking Lessons or Activities for any parent, SLP, educator or caretaker. You can read more in depth on the previous blog post (linked just above); however, let me give you a run down of HOW to boost engagement with 3 easy steps:

  • Introduce the Activity
  • Present Your Visual
  • Assign Jobs to Children

  • Now that it is officially Summer, you may need some NEW & exciting recipes for either ESY or to use with your own kids at home! Cooking activities are one of the best ways to make memories, delicious snacks, and continue to build fundamental skills that every kid needs. Let’s dive into the BEST 4 No-Cook June Recipes with an added seasonal FREEBIE!

    4 No-Cook June Visual Recipes

    1. Under the Sea

    Under the Sea


    If you cannot make it to the beach, no worries! This snack will give you all the Summer vibes with its beachy scene…best part, no real sand! I love this cute Summer soaked scene on a graham cracker with all your favorite sweet toppings. Many of these ingredients you may already have in your kitchen or pantry. It is the best mid-day snack to put you in the warm weather vibes! 




    2. Mini Banana Pops

    Banana Pops


    Fruits and vegetables are sometimes challenging to sneak into your kiddos meals or snacks. These mini banana pops will surely change their mind about fruits being ‘boring’. No doubt you may even replace those popsicles in your freezer after trying these yummy, easy pops! Feel free to dress it up or modify it to your kiddo’s taste buds. 





    3. Brownie Bites Grill

    Mini Brownie Grill



    Nothing says Summer like busting out the grill to cook up some juicy burgers or hotdogs. Even more enticing is having your own mini brownie bites grill that will keep the heat low but the fun on high. These mini versions of a classic Summertime symbol will blow your mind with how CUTE and creative they are. The brownie base will have your kiddos excited from the start! Wait until you see this freestanding masterpiece of a snack that you can create with only a few ingredients!




    4. Ice Cream in a Bag

    Ice cream in a bag


    I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM! It’s rare to find a kid that doesn't love a cup or cone of ice cream on a warm Summer day. The best part about this visual recipe is that it is hands-on and FUN to make with a little shaking and patience. I promise you that your kids will boycott store bought ice cream just to have the chance to make their own ice cream again…maybe even all Summer long. You have to give this recipe a try (and a good shake). Top with your favorite ice cream toppings to make it extra yummy!



    Crab Cookie Freebie

    Crab Cookie Visual Recipe FREEBIE

    You can’t possibly be crabby after seeing this CRAB COOKIE Visual Recipe FREEBIE. This is one crab I would not mind meeting! How cute are these simple, delicious snacks that any kid or adult could enjoy?  I think the majority of kids love an Oreo without the fun remix of turning it into a crab. This Crab Cookie is perfect for a beach snack, speech therapy session, or just a sunny afternoon pick me up. This screams Summer and all things beachy. Grab your FREEBIE today to make all Summer long! 


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