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Live Love Speech

Visuals for Toys ULTIMATE Pack | Speech Therapy | SPED

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Thank you for checking out my Visuals for Toys Ultimate Pack WITH Interactive Pieces!


This EVIDENCE-BASED resource was created to be used during play-based therapy sessions. Using the included sets for 16 different toys, you will be able to target the following skill areas: Verbs, Adjectives, Basic concepts, CV, VC, CVC, Stops, Consonant Clusters, Fricatives & Affricates, Liquids, & Questions.


Additionally, students/clients will be able to work on following directions, expanding utterances, requesting, labeling, describing, commenting, joint attention, & cognitive skills. Each students progress can easily be tracked using the included data sheets.


There are TWO PDFs included in this RESOURCE (ZIP file). You will need a unzipping program to access all of these files.




  • Play-Based Therapy Information Sheets: Explains what play-based therapy is, the 5 stages of play, tips for implementing play based therapy, benefits of play based therapy, & how to set up a session.
  • Evidence Based Practice Information for Play-Based Therapy
  • Table of Contents
  • Cover Cards & Carrier Phrases: 36 Sentence Strips & "articles" to work on expanding utterances.
  • Core Words for Toys: 50 core words including colors, question words, & visuals for the toys included in this pack.
  • Visuals for 16 Toys- each "booklet" includes: Cover cards, Verbs, Adjectives, Basic concepts, CV, VC, CVC words, Stops,Consonant clusters, Fricatives & Affricates, Liquids, Questions.
  • Data sheets for ALL 16 toys
  • Interactive Pieces for ALL TOY VISUALS Booklets: They are optional and solely based on preference & the individual needs of your students/clients when providing play-based therapy.

Option 1: Print as many copies as you need of the blank ”booklet” template to store your interactive pieces.

Option 2: Print, laminate, and cut the interactive pieces and store directly on the booklets included in the first PDF file (Visuals for Toys).


All of the interactive pieces can also be used without the booklets and attached to file folders, activity boards, etc.


I hope you enjoy using this VISUALS FOR TOYS RESOURCE throughout the year because I loved creating it for you! Play based therapy equals endless opportunities for speech and language development while having FUN!


I LOVE seeing and hearing how you use my resources! It truly warms my heart! Be sure to TAG ME on Instagram so I don't miss your posts!



THANK YOU so much for your support!



Live Love Speech