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Live Love Speech

Visual Recipes BUNDLE Year Round | Cooking with Kids | Speech Therapy

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Thank you for checking out my Visual Recipes BUNDLE!

 This BUNDLE allows kids to easily follow & make SEASONAL NO-COOK Recipes (4 for EACH MONTH).

 It includes EVERYTHING you need to incorporate hands on learning & cooking into classroom lessons and/or at home in your own kitchen!

 Using these recipes you will be able to target the following skill areas: Vocabulary, Grammar, Answering/Asking Questions, Following Directions, Sequencing, Core Words/Phrases, Expressive Language, Social/Pragmatics, Basic Concepts, and Cooking Concepts.

 There are FIVE PDFs included for each month (ZIP file). You will need an unzipping program to access all of these files.

 To use this resource, simply print all the pages OR for a NO PRINT OPTION, open this PDF file on an iPad, tablet, or computer.



 •48 SEASONAL VISUAL RECIPES (4 for each month): Listing all ingredients, tools, & step by step directions needed.

VOCABULARY CARDS for each recipe: You will easily be able to teach and review ingredients, tools, and actions with the provided vocabulary cards. *They also work as VISUALS!*

COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS for each recipe: Include visual answer choices


Student/Client Preference Sheet

Cheat Sheets for each recipe: Pre-filled with targets for Vocabulary, Questions, Core Words/Phrases, Adjectives, Verbs & Basic Concepts.

Shopping List for each recipe: Pre-filled with ingredients and tools needed.

Blank Cheat Sheet




1. Pencil Snack

2. Krispie Treats Leaves

3. Apple Pie in a Cup

4. Owl Snack


1. Witch’s Brew Dirt Cups

2. Spider Cookies

3. Monster Popcorn Balls

4. Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups


1. Pumpkin Pie in a Cup

2. Rice Krispies Turkey Legs

3. Scarecrow Munch Snack Mix

4. Caramel Apple Bark


1. Holly Jolly Snack Mix

2. "Green" Popcorn

3. Hot Cocoa

4. Festive Apple Pops


1. Popcorn Snowballs

2. Polar Bear Snack

3. Frozen Hot Chocolate

4. Melted Snowman


1. Football Krispie Treats

2. Penguin Cookies

3. Cupid's Shake

4. Valentine's Day Snack Mix


1. Lucky Charms Treats

2. Shamrock Shake

3. Ladybug Apples

4. Rainbow Snack


1. Peeps Dirt Cups

2. Caterpillar Snack

3. Popcorn Eggs

4. Krispie Marshmallow Nests


1. Butterfly Pretzels

2. Spring Smoothie

3. Mini Fruit Pizzas

4. S'mores Snack Mix


1. Ice Cream in a Bag

2. Brownie Bites Grill

3. Under the Sea Snack

4. Mini Banana Pops


1. Chilly S'mores Sandwiches

2. Strawberry Lemonade

3. Beach Pudding Cups

4. Fruit Salsa


1. S'mores Pudding Cups

2. Ocean Floats

3. Watermelon Pops

4. Chocolate Fruit Yogurt Bites


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Live Love Speech


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