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Live Love Speech

Grab N' Go Preschool Vocabulary | Speech Therapy Resource

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Thank you for checking out my Grab N' Go Preschool Vocabulary Resource! 


This pack is perfect for students working on Vocabulary Skills including: Nouns, Verbs, Object Function, Pronouns, Categories, Adjectives, Question Words, and Basic Concepts. There are vocabulary cards for the following areas: NOUNS (animals, everyday items, food & drinks, body parts, people, clothing & accessories, toys & games, and transportation), VERBS, ADJECTIVES, BASIC CONCEPTS, PRONOUNS, and QUESTION WORDS.

Vocabulary cards can be used for both expressive and receptive identification. For example, show your student one card at a time (for expressive identification) and ask “What is this?” or for receptive tasks, present two or more cards to your student and say, “Find the balloon”. Use the sentence strips which include common carrier phrases to target expanding utterances.


Also included are RECEPTIVE TASK CARDS for nouns, verbs, object functions, categories, basic concepts, adjectives which include VISUAL ANSWER CHOICES. There are four picture scenes (two for targeting pronouns and two for “WH” questions). The provided data sheet includes prompts for each picture scene.


Each set of cards can be used for on-the-go therapy, RTI, centers, and in-class therapy sessions. Students can use magnetic chips, bingo daubers, play-doh, or markers to choose the correct answers. The provided data sheets allow for easy progress monitoring throughout the year for all vocabulary and receptive task cards. The black and white flashcards along with a parent/guardian letter are ideal for homework and carryover.



  • Vocabulary Card Covers and Receptive Task Card Covers
  • 180 Noun Vocabulary Cards broken down by category: animals, everyday items, food & drinks, body parts, people, clothing & accessories, toys & games, and transportation
  • 84 Verb Vocabulary Cards
  • 59 Adjectives/Attributes Vocabulary Cards
  • 38 Pronoun Vocabulary Cards
  • 9 WH Question Cards
  • 36 Basic Concepts/Prepositions Cards
  • 30 Receptive Task Cards EACH for Nouns, Actions, Categories, Object Functions, Prepositions, and Adjectives
  • Sentence Strips with common carrier phrases to use with the included vocabulary cards
  • 4 Picture Scenes to target pronouns and "WH" questions
  • 8 Data Sheets
  • Parent/Guardian Letter and Black & White HW pages for all skills included in this pack to be copied and sent home as needed.

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THANK YOU so much for your support!



Live Love Speech