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Grab N' Go Preschool Language Screener | Speech Therapy

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Thank you for checking out my Grab N' Go Preschool Language Screener!

It is perfect to screen and/or informally assess your students. It can also be used to monitor progress for your students throughout the year.

It targets the following preschool skill areas: Nouns (Receptive and Expressive), Actions (Receptive and Expressive), Object Functions (Receptive and Expressive), Categories (Receptive and Expressive), Spatial & Qualitative Concepts, Pronouns (Receptive and Expressive), Adjectives (Expressive), Associations-Similarities & Differences (Expressive), Plurals, Possessives, Answering “WH” Questions (WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN), & Elicit a Language Sample.

This screener can easily be used on-the-go, in centers, and during therapy sessions. Students can use magnetic chips, play-doh, bingo daubers, or markers to mark each picture.

This resource will allow you to easily identify areas of need and develop goals/objectives for your student’s IEPs.

Each set of cards is color coded and clearly labeled for easy assembly. All cards will be assembled together with one cover card and easily accessed by the provided tabs.

Data sheets are provided which include prompts and areas to record correct/incorrect responses for each skill. A comprehensive data sheet is also included to identify any skill areas that indicate a significant need for further assessment or to implement intervention.

***This is an informal screening tool and is not standardized or normed. Developmental norms were adapted from Poole, Sander, Hena, Fudala, Templin & Wellman. Please use your own clinical judgment in determining recommendations based on the results.***


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