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Live Love Speech

Grab N' Go Early Developing Sounds | Articulation Cards | Speech Therapy

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This pack is perfect for students working on the early speech sounds of development as well as expanding utterances and labeling nouns/actions. Each set of speech sound cards can be used for on-the-go therapy, centers, and in-class therapy sessions.


There are cards for /p, b, m, t, d, k, g, f, n/ in all positions of words (initial, medial, final). Students can use magnetic chips, bingo daubers, play doh, or dry erase markers to cover the circles as they practice their words. There are over 400 cards total!


The included data sheets are prefilled with the prompts and allow for easy progress monitoring throughout the year. Sentence strips are included to work on requesting and following directions. The black and white sheets are perfect for homework along with a parent/guardian letter are ideal for homework and carryover.




  • Articulation Task Cards: 48 cards for each sound; /p, b, m, t, d, k, g, f, n/ in all positions of words (initial, medial, final).
  • Cover Cards for each set (Binder Cover too!)
  • 4 Sentence strips
  • Data Sheets for Progress Monitoring
  • BLACK & WHITE No-Prep/Homework Sheets
  • A Parent/Guardian Letter


**There are THREE WAYS to prep and organize this pack!**

OPTION 1: Store the cards on binder rings or in a photo case

OPTION 2: Put in page protectors & assemble in a binder

OPTION 3: NO-PREP option on the ipad.


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Live Love Speech