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Grab N' Go Cooking | Speech and Language Activities

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This resource is perfect for working on vocabulary, actions, and concepts related to cooking. It is also great for preparing and reviewing language goals related to cooking.

It targets the following areas:  Nouns, Actions, Object Functions, Adjectives, Associations, and Basic Concepts (shapes, colors, hot/cold, soft/hard, most/least, big/small, wet/dry, & full/empty)

Each set of cards can be used for on-the-go therapy, RTI, centers, and in-class therapy sessions.

Students can use magnetic chips, bingo daubers, play-doh, or markers to choose the correct answers. 

A poster with explanations and examples of the five senses is included.  The provided data sheets allow for easy progress monitoring throughout the year.


2 Cover Cards

5 Senses Visual Cards

6 Vocabulary Pages (96 vocabulary terms included)

42 Noun Cards

30 Action Cards

24 Object Function Cards

30 Adjective Cards

18 Association Cards

48 Basic Concept Cards

Data Sheets

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Live Love Speech