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Grab N' Go Basic Concepts | Temporal, Spatial, Qualitative, Quantitative | Speech Therapy

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Thank you for checking out my Grab N' Go Basic Concepts Resource!

It is perfect for students working on BASIC CONCEPTS and FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS with embedded basic concepts including: TEMPORAL, SPATIAL, QUALITATIVE, & QUANTITATIVE.

Each set of cards can be used for on-the-go therapy, RTI, centers, and in-class therapy sessions. Students can use magnetic chips, bingo daubers, play-doh, or dry erase markers to choose the correct answers.


Each basic concept card set is color coded and clearly labeled for easy assembly.


Basic concepts posters (4 total) with explanations and examples of each concept are included. The provided data sheet allows for easy progress monitoring throughout the year. The black and white flashcards along with two different parent/guardian letters are ideal for homework and carryover.



  • 72 SPATIAL Cards (top, bottom, next to, front, behind, in, out, between, on, off, above, below)
  • 96 QUALITATIVE Cards (same, different, big, little, hot, cold, hard, soft, open, closed, long, short, noisy, quiet, short, tall)
  • 60 QUANTITATIVE Cards (more, less, all, none, whole, half, full, empty, many, few)
  • 60 TEMPORAL Cards (before, after, first, last, beginning, middle, end, first, second, third)
  • Cover cards (Spatial, Qualitative, Temporal, Quantitative, Following Directions)
  • 4 Basic Concepts Posters (provide explains and act as visuals)
  • Black and white HW pages for all skills included in this pack
  • 2 Parent/Guardian Letters
  • Data Sheet for progress monitoring throughout the year


I hope you enjoy using this Grab N' Go Pack throughout the year because I loved creating it for you! Using hands on products with your students equals endless opportunities for speech and language development while having FUN!


I LOVE seeing and hearing how you use my resources! It truly warms my heart! Be sure to TAG ME on Instagram so I don't miss your posts!



Thank you so much for your support!



Live Love Speech