Ocean Themed Activities for Preschool


How many of you are working an ESY program at your school or still seeing private clients throughout the summer? Well, if you answered yes and need a few cute activities, then be sure to keep reading.  The theme of the week for my preschoolers this week and next week is Ocean/Sea life!  I do a large in class group with my preschoolers as well as small pull out group sessions.  I am going to share with you a few of the activities I am doing in class and also in the pull out sessions.
Ocean Themed Activities for Preschool
First up is one of my in class activities.  I love reading books with my preschoolers because there are endless opportunities for language development.  You can ask “wh” questions, talk about basic concepts (on, off, top, etc.), discuss adjectives/verbs, etc.  
Use WH questions to get your speech therapy students engaged in their learning activities.
I absolutely love the book, Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea by Jan Peck.  It is an adorable story that your preschoolers are sure to get excited about.  I pair this book with a very fun game by Super Duper!  If you haven’t heard of Photo Fish & Say, it is a must have!!  This game has many add-on’s (verbs, different speech sounds, etc.).  I used the “classifying” fish with my 3 year olds and the “verbs” fish with my 4 year olds.  The classifying fish include food, animals, transportation, etc.  I have the students each take turns “fishing” and naming the item.  Next, as a group, we decide which category that fish should be placed under.  Super fun!  I love using the “verbs” fish as well.  It is the perfect opportunity to have the students work on using pronouns and speak in complete sentences.
Your students will love practicing verbs with this fun fish and say game.
I was super excited to find this FREEBIE from Jenn at Crazy Speech World.  It fit perfectly into our theme for the week and my preschoolers just had a blast using it!  Many of the preschoolers are working on answering questions and using basic concepts.  I paired the “Roll and Cover” activity with those goals.  Each student had a turn answering a question, pressing the “spinner” and coloring the bubbles.  I love that we were also able to work on numbers!
Make this game a paired activity for even more collaboration and social skills practice.


Make this game a paired activity for even more collaboration and social skills practice.
The last activity I used with my younger Preschoolers was creating their very own “itsy bitsy ocean books”!  I was searching around and found this adorable book!  You can grab it HERE.  It was a great way to talk about animals and things found in the ocean, colors, functions, and more!  The kids loved coloring it and turning it into their own little books.  They were also able to take them home and talk to their parents about what they did in speech today!
Turn these coloring sheets into books for your speech therapy students.
I hope you are able to use some of these super cute activities with your students/clients.  I’d love to hear your ideas to go with the ocean theme as well!


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