May No-Cook Visual Recipes

May No-Cook Visual Recipes

Welcome to new friends & welcome back to my incredible returning readers. Let me take a second to quickly reintroduce myself. I am Kristine and I have a huge passion for using cooking activities as a way to support and build speech and language skills.  With over 15 years of experience as an SLP and being a mom to an awesome 9 year old son, Landon, I am here to share my experiences & knowledge with you to help you start cooking with your students or own kiddo(s). 

The school year is winding down, and that means one thing: SUMMER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! With that being said, as the weather gets warmer and the daylight lingers a little longer…the last thing you feel like doing is cooking. Luckily for you, I have compiled some easy, fun(ctional), and delicious no-cook recipes that will surely have your kids pumped!


Visual Recipe cards are kid-friendly recipe cards with pictures representing all the ingredients, tools, and actions performed in each step of the recipe. Using visual recipes allows you to target a laundry list of skills and goals, such as: 

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar (Nouns & Verbs)
  • Answering/Asking Questions 
  • Following Directions 
  • Sequencing
  • Expressive Language 
  • Social/Pragmatics 
  • Basic Concepts
  • Cooking Skills. 

Visual Recipe cards can easily be used in classroom settings, clinics, and of course, right in your own kitchen. Visual Recipe cards are perfect for SLPs, parents, teachers, educators and anyone who just enjoys cooking!

Are you dying to know more about Visual Recipe Cards? I have explained in-depth and detailed information in my blog post, Visual Recipe Cards for Kids. I want you to see all of the scientifically proven & purposeful implementation of cooking up communication with your kiddos and/or clients. Check out the blog for ALL the details & ways to incorporate them into your speech sessions or daily cooking adventures!


I am bringing you FOUR visual recipes that will eliminate the stress and planning needed to make a Spring themed snack that both you and your kiddo(s) can enjoy. Using visual recipes with children is the perfect way to get them excited about trying new foods, build confidence, and work on speech and language targets/goals. I just know you are going to love the variety of the FOUR visual recipes below. 

 1. Mini Fruit Pizza

Okay, you had me at pizza. As a Jersey girl, I know a good pizza when I see one. This one will surely not disappoint as it takes a sweet twist. Getting those fruits and vegetables in is not always easy, especially with kids and picky eaters; however, I know this will be a fan favorite that you’ll have to make again this summer. You can easily modify this recipe with whatever fruit is in season or the favorite fruits you have on hand. 
Mini Fruit Pizza

2. Butterfly Pretzels 

If this beauty does not scream Spring, I do not know what would! This Butterfly Snack will surely make your kid's heart flutter. For all those palettes that crave a little sweet & salty snack…this one is definitely for you! I love how visually appealing and cute this one turned out. With a little supervision and help, this snack is perfect for any kid that wants to help or create. 
Butterfly Pretzel Snack

3. Spring Smoothie

Just like the fruit pizza, this is 100% yours to customize or tweak to incorporate your favorite fruits and berries. I love that this can be transformed into your own smoothie masterpiece by swapping out ingredients. You may find that this delicious smoothie replaces your boring afternoon snack or can be added to any meal for a sweet treat. It's a perfect refreshing and healthy option. You’ll want to continue making this far beyond the Spring & Summer. Let’s get blending & sipping on this sweet treat!
Spring Smoothie

4. S’mores Snack Mix

We are soon embarking on the fire pit or campfire months of Summer which always makes me envision an oozy, chocolatey S’mores. This no-cook S’mores Snack Mix has the perfect blend of all sweet things without the hassle of using a real fire! Making this easy snack mix with your kids will be almost as enjoyable as eating the final product. Enjoy the S’more Snack Mix on-the-go or as an afternoon energizer to help get you through the end of the school year.
S'mores Snack Mix


Pretzel Flower Freebie

Pretzel Flower Freebie

As if the four visual recipes above did not make your heart flutter, I have included a FREEBIE that will put you in the Springtime spirit. This Pretzel Flower Freebie will be a hit with your kiddos, I can promise you that! Any color chocolate candy will work! Use this link to grab your Pretzel Flower Freebie today! 


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May Visual Recipes


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