Grab N' Go Resource Round-Up

Grab N' Go Resource Round-Up

Where are all of my busy SLPs that have 101 things on their to-do list, countless students/clients, and zero extra time in your day? I have been there & felt that kind of pressure. As you are about to kick off a brand new school year…how fantastic would it be to have resources that can 1. Literally be GRABBED at a moment's notice once prepped OR 2. Easily be used as NO-PREP activities?!


I have poured my heart into these resources to share with my SLP people! I have over 15 years of experience as an SLP, so I know how valuable and limited your time is. Let me give you a Grab N’ Go round up of a few of my favorite resources that you NEED for this coming school year (and years to come). These are just a few of my favorite resources that can be adapted and incorporated in your speech sessions/classroom; however, I have over 10 MORE Grab N’ Go resources at the reach of your fingertips. Head over to my TPT store or my website (both are secure platforms to purchase from) to scroll through these gems I have created for my SLPs near & far!

Each Grab N’ Go is essentially a ‘one stop shop’ that is complete with data sheets, vocabulary cards, parent/guardian letters, and more. If you have been an SLP for a while, you know the struggle of hauling around a bag with all the things and resources. These sets can easily be printed off and put into a binder or organized on binder rings. I have used Grab N’ Go resources for individual or group sessions, and they can easily be used for R.T.I! My favorite feature of the Grab N’ Go is the ability for them to become hands on by allowing kids to use dry erase markers, colored chips, or play-doh to mark correct answers on the task cards. 

Let’s jump right into the first Grab N’ Go resource that you NEED!


Grab N' Go Basic Concepts

This Grab N’ Go Basic Concepts pack is perfect for students working on BASIC CONCEPTS and FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS with embedded basic concepts including: TEMPORAL, SPATIAL, QUALITATIVE, & QUANTITATIVE. 

Included in this resource: 

  • 72 SPATIAL Cards 
  • 96 QUALITATIVE Cards 
  • 60 QUANTITATIVE Cards 
  • 60 TEMPORAL Cards
  • Cover cards 
  • 4 Basic Concepts Posters 
  • Black and white HW pages for all skills included in this pack
  • 2 Parent/Guardian Letters
  • Data Sheet for progress monitoring throughout the year

This resource has so much to offer you…including endless years of use after the initial preparation. I think you will find this resource to be compatible for many different children and situations. You will not regret the purchase of Grab N’ Go Basic Concepts

Read what a happy, loyal customer said:

Rating: 5 Stars

This is a very comprehensive resource for directions. There are so many and I love how it is broken up into sections based on types of directions. It is very user friendly by making it into booklets on rings. It is a great resource to carry around and just whip it out for a quick review or when you have a few minutes to fill. - Rebecca H.

Grab N' Go WH Questions

The Grab N’ Go WH Questions pack is PERFECT for students working on answering ‘WH’ questions including WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY as well as expanding utterances and labeling nouns/actions.

This set is unique because you are getting TWO sets of cards for each of the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN & WHY questions! 

Set 1: Answer choices are related to the category within the questions

Set 2: Answer choices are related to the ‘WH’ prompt.

Included in this resource: 

  • 64 WHO cards (32 for Set 1 and 32 for Set 2)
  • 64 WHAT cards (32 for Set 1 and 32 for Set 2)
  • 72 WHERE cards (36 for Set 1 and 36 for Set 2)
  • 64 WHEN cards (32 for Set 1 and 32 for Set 2)
  • 64 WHY cards (32 for Set 1 and 32 for Set 2)
  • Cover cards for each card set (WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY)
  • Cover cards for each SET of WH cards (Set 1 and Set 2)
  • 12 sentence strips-Black and white HW pages for all WH Questions
  • 2 Parent/Guardian Letters
  • Data Sheet for progress monitoring throughout the year

Check out this customer who gave WH Questions 5 Stars!

These have been a great resource to use with my kids who need extra practice with answering questions. I love that there are picture choices and a good variety to practice! Makes data collection easy! - Allison H.

Grab N' Go Preschool Language Screener

The Grab N’ Go Preschool Language Screener is perfect to screen and/or informally assess your students. It can also be used to monitor progress for your students throughout the year. Each set of cards is color coded and clearly labeled for easy assembly. All cards will be assembled together with one cover card and easily accessed by the provided tabs.

Curious about what skills are targeted with this screener? 


  • Nouns (Receptive and Expressive) 
  • Actions (Receptive and Expressive)
  • Object Functions (Receptive and Expressive)
  • Categories (Receptive and Expressive) 
  • Spatial & Qualitative Concepts
  •  Pronouns (Receptive and Expressive)
  • Adjectives (Expressive)
  • Associations-Similarities & Differences (Expressive)
  • Plurals
  • Possessives
  • Answering “WH” Questions
  • Elicit a Language Sample

This Grab N’ Go Preschool Language Screener will allow you to easily identify areas of need and develop goals/objectives for your student’s IEPs. I can guarantee you that you will find parts (if not ALL) that you can use throughout the year with your clients/students.

Look at this 5 Star review from a Live Love Speech customer:

This is exactly what I was after - a great way to screen language skills and identify strengths/weaknesses and to see if a more comprehensive assessment is needed. The skills assessed are a great mix and the tasks are engaging and target them well. - Erin P.

*This is an informal screening tool and is not standardized or normed. Please use your own clinical judgment in determining recommendations based on the results.*

Freebie: Grab N' Go Syllable Identification 

You deserve a FREEBIE! If you want to check out what the Grab N’ Go resources are all about without investing…YET… let this be your guinea pig resource!

This Grab N’ Go Syllable Identification is a sneak peek into the larger resource: Phonological Awareness. 

This FREE set of cards is perfect for students working on phonological awareness as well as labeling nouns/actions. These syllable identification cards can be used for on-the-go therapy, centers, RTI, and in-class therapy sessions. There are cards for Identifying 1, 2, and 3 Syllable Words. Students can use magnetic chips, bingo daubers, or markers to choose the correct answers.



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