Food-Themed Books for Kids

Top 10 Food-Themed Books for Kids!

Let's be honest, cooking is a universal language of love and learning. And when you mix it with the magic of children's books, you've got a recipe for something that's not just fun but also educational. I say count me in!! Maybe you're an educator aiming to add a pinch of creativity to your teaching methods or a parent in search of a delicious way to connect with your kids. If you're looking to find food themed books to help with cooking with kids, I have just the blog post for you.

 Food Themed Books for Kids


I've selected 10 amazing kid's books about cooking and food that your kids (and you!) will absolutely love. I'm genuinely excited to share these with you because they've been a hit in my household, and I can't wait for you and your little one to enjoy them too. One of my favorite things to do is reading a food-themed story. My son and I often get into the kitchen, just like the characters in the book. We cook up a storm, trying out the recipes or creating our own fun dishes. It's a wonderful way to not only share quality time but also instill a love for cooking and food with our little ones.

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Ready to check out these awesome books? Let's go!!

1. Stir Crack Whisk Bake

 Author: Maddie Frost

Stir Crack Whisk Bake: Books for Kids about Cooking.


From gathering ingredients to pouring batter, little ones will experience the magic of baking cupcakes without leaving the comfort of their home in this adorable kids baking book. Using an interactive storytelling style, Stir Crack Whisk Bake lets the tiniest chefs be in charge! Plus, it gives you kid-friendly recipes that are a blast to whip up with a little help!! 

Because of its fun storyline and hands-on approach, this book is an awesome way to get kids excited about the joys of cooking!


2. Cooler Than Lemonade 

 Author: Harshita Jerath 

Cooler Than Lemonade, Kid-Friendly Book for cooking.


An inspiring story about discovering ideas in unexpected places, never giving up, and finding the perfect recipe for success! This book encourages kids to mix things up, try new ideas, and create their own delicious concoctions. It's like a recipe for boosting their creative side!

 Plus, the book is loaded with yummy descriptions that make the food jump off the pages. It's like having a food party in your mind! From the sizzle to the smells, it paints a tasty picture that'll get you and your little one all set for some kitchen action.




3. Pizza! An Interactive Recipe Book

 Author: Lotta Nieminen

Kid-Friendly book about cooking: Pizza


Cook pizza from scratch in this fully interactive recipe book that allows readers to mix the ingredients, knead the dough, spread the sauce, and more! 

It gives a sneak peek into essential life skills like teamwork, time management, and following instructions, all in a super cool and interactive manner. Making this a great introduction to cooking with kids!

This book doesn't just teach; it entertains while it educates. It's like turning a typical kitchen session into a fun game where kids learn and have a blast at the same time. It's the recipe for a kitchen adventure that's as enjoyable as it is educational!!



Author: Roger Priddy

Cooking with Kids: Pop Flip Cook book.
With press-out utensils and cut-through pages, kids can create their own breakfast. The rhyming text encourages the child to interact with the book and is perfect for inspiring role play! 

As kids follow the recipes and use the pop-out pieces, they're engaging with words, instructions, and food-related terms. It's a fun language lesson with a delicious twist.

They'll be reading the steps, naming ingredients, and understanding the order of things – all of which boost their vocabulary and comprehension. Turning cooking with kids educational without them realizing it.



5. Follow That Food

 Author: Christy Webster

Follow That Food: Kid-Friendly book about cooking.


 Join Waffles and Mochi for global adventures that reveal the stories behind our food. It takes kids on a worldwide food adventure. It's like a virtual culinary journey that introduces them to different cuisines and cultures, making it a delightful way to explore the world from the comfort of their own home.

This book is filled with interesting food facts and vibrant illustrations that bring the journey to life!!

P.S.- check out the series on Netflix! 




6. POP!: Otto, The Kernal Who Didn’t Pop

 Author: Karen Kilpatrick 

Kid-Friendly Cooking Book


This story explains how being different doesn’t have to mean missing out. It celebrates inclusion, diversity, facing challenges, and overcoming doubts. Even though things may not be as expected, POP! shows us that you can always follow your dreams

While the book may not contain full-fledged recipes, it does offer an engaging and imaginative experience for young readers. It encourages kids to think creatively, explore the concept of popcorn!

The story encourages kids to think about what makes them special, just like Otto discovers what makes him stand out. 



7. Every Cake Has a Story

 Author: Christine Tosi

Every Cake Has A Story, Kid-Friendly Cooking Book.


This is the story of a girl whose delicious dream comes to life, filling the world with color, creativity, and joy. There is even an original recipe included!

 Christina Tosi shares personal experiences and stories that make you feel like you're chatting with a friend about the memories and emotions baked into every creation. Plus, the book is a mouthwatering visual delight, featuring cakes that are almost too pretty to slice. It's like having a friendly heart-to-heart while feasting your eyes on these mouthwatering creations!




8.My Food, Your Food, Our Food

Author: Emma Carlson Berne

My Food, Your Food, Our Food, kid-friendly book for kids cooking.


We all like different food, but everybody needs to eat! How are we alike and different? This story embraces diversity! 

It introduces kids to foods from all over the world. It's not just about reading; it's about getting hands-on and learning about different ingredients, cooking tricks, and cool dining customs from around the globe. So, it's like an amazing opportunity to have fun while trying out these exciting new recipes together!





9. The Great Pasta Escape

Author: Miranda Paul 

The Great Pasta Escape-Kid-Friendly Cooking Book.


They discover what it really means to be pasta: They will eventually be eaten by humans! Fettuccine is scared, Ramen is outraged, and Mac is just trying to keep the peace among all the pasta.

It's like a funny and creative story that'll have kids grinning, especially if they're into playful cooking.

This book encourages kids to cooperate, just like the pasta pals in the factory. It's a tasty lesson in working together, perfect for inspiring kids to team up while they cook their favorite treats.



10. My Magical Foods

Author: Becky Cummings 

My Magical Foods-Cooking with Kids


'My Magical Foods' bridges the gap between children and healthy eating by highlighting the wonderful connection between food and our planet. It portrays fruits and vegetables as precious gifts from nature and shows the link between natural eating and strength through powerful animals like gorillas and giraffes. If you're dealing with a picky eater, this book serves as a fantastic resource to encourage a love for fruits and veggies in a way that's engaging and enjoyable.

This is your go-to book to help the kids you love try more fruits and veggies. As a bonus, this book includes a colorful checklist of healthy snacks that will encourage great choices!



So, what do you think? Feeling inspired to dive into these food-themed books with your little ones, and unravel some magic? If you're as pumped as I am, you might be tempted to hit that order button right about now!!


Need some kid-friendly, easy, and perhaps even no-cook recipes to complement your cooking journey? I've got you covered! Check out my Visual Recipe Cards below. They're the perfect accompaniment to your foodie books, making cooking and reading an even more exciting experience. Happy cooking and happy reading!!!

                                                VISUAL RECIPE CARDS HERE

Visual Recipe Cards




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Top 10 Food-Themed Books for kids

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