BHSM Info & contest printable certificates and freebie


BHSM Contest for Students with Certificates, Information for Teachers, and a {FREEBIE}
BHSM Info & contest printable certificates and freebie
I found some great handouts to give to the teachers and staff in my elementary school.  We have an upcoming faculty meeting where I will speak briefly about BHSM and also give them the handouts. 
The first handout is part of a packet that can be found here ~~>  I chose to give the teachers and staff page 6 of the packet which explains what communication is and gives speech and language facts.  There is also a really cute word search that I may use with my students. 
Better Speech and Hearing Month

 The second handout is from  She created a great flyer regarding classroom acoustics.  Head over to the website to grab this handout for yourself!

Classroom acoustics poster

 I am going to do a “poster” contest with all of my students.  Each student will create their very own poster for BHSM.  Some ideas I came up with are:  Drawing a large mouth and ear to represent speech and hearing, students listening to their teacher, creating their own quotes (i.e. “Kickin’ up better hearing and speech”), and AAC devices or iPads.  I will be starting this will all of my groups on Monday so I can’t wait to see how creative they all can be!! 

I will choose a winner towards the end of the month in each of the following categories:
1.      Most Creative
2.      Most Artistic
3.      Most Original
Here are the cute certificates I made for the winners to receive. I have also included 3 blank certificates to use for whatever you may like.  You can grab them all HERE.  Each winner will also get a little “prize”.
Printable Certificates


Printable Certificates


Printable Certificates
I will be sure to post pictures of some of the posters next week!  They will be displayed in my speech room!
Ladybug Printable Activities {FREEBIE}
This {FREEBIE} includes three different activities in B&W so no color ink needed!!  Each one can be used during therapy or sent as homework for articulation or language students.  Here are the descriptions of each:
Printable Ladybug Activities
1. Color the Ladybugs

Color a ladybug each time you say your speech sound or answer a question.

Color the Ladybug Activities

2. Answer the Spring Questions
There are 6 questions/statements that can be used during therapy sessions or as homework. Remind students to use their “best speech sound” or keep their language goal in mind when answering the questions.

Answer the spring questions
3. Spring Vocabulary
Ask students to define or describe the 9 vocabulary words. Use this page for homework as well.


Spring Vocabulary
You can grab this {FREEBIE} HERE!
I hope you all enjoy and can use the ideas seen here.  
Live Love Speech

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