5 Ways Cooking Can Improve Your Child's Communication

5 Ways Cooking Can Improve Your Child's Communication

5 Ways Cooking Can Improve Your Child's Communication

If you are new here, WELCOME! Let me briefly reintroduce myself! My name is Kristine and I am here to help you get comfortable with cooking up communication!  I am a mom and wife who owns a small business called Live Love Speech, LLC! I have been busy as an SLP, blogger, resource creator, & TPT seller for many years. More recently, I became a published author of my very first physical product called Visual Recipe Cards! I LOVED creating them for people like YOU! My passion is using cooking activities as a way to support speech and language skills and I genuinely love bringing you relevant content to use in your own practices & professions.

Are you curious about how cooking and communication could possibly be connected?! I could go on, and on, and on…however; You can find an elaborated list of 10 Benefits of Using Cooking Activities with Kids in the blog post created with you in mind. While you will learn about the benefits of integrating cooking activities into your sessions or home, I wanted to give you FIVE basic ways that cooking can improve your child or client’s communication! No more wasted time…let’s take a peek!

Following Instructions

Cooking requires children to follow instructions carefully. By doing so, they can improve their ability to listen carefully and follow directions, which are essential communication skills.

Expressing Themselves

Cooking can provide children with an opportunity to express themselves creatively. As they work with ingredients and experiment with flavors, children can learn to express their ideas and opinions about food, which can help build confidence in their communication skills.

Asking Questions

 Cooking can be a great opportunity for children to ask questions about the recipe or ingredients. This can help them develop their curiosity and encourage them to seek answers to their questions, which can improve their communication skills.

Working in a Team

Cooking often involves working with others, whether it's a parent, sibling, or friend. By collaborating and communicating with others, children can learn how to work effectively as a team and build their social skills.

Sharing Their Creations

 Cooking provides children with an opportunity to share their creations with others. By sharing what they have made, children can practice their communication skills, such as explaining what they did and how they did it, and receiving feedback from others.

Since I am on the topic of cooking with kids...a great way to start without the stress of planning a recipe is grabbing a set of my Visual Recipe Cards! I have created this tangible set of cards for anyone and everyone who wants to start cooking or needs some quick, kid-friendly recipes. 

Be sure to save & share with your bestie or colleagues! 

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