There is no question that busy moms, teachers, and professionals wear many hats and juggle ALL THE THINGS. As a mom myself, I feel the pressure of ensuring that my son has nutritious food, snacks, and meals. Some days- thinking about turning the oven on or slaving over the stove is just too much to wrap my head around. I have some hidden gem recipes that are NO-COOK, visually appealing, and kid-friendly. Sharing is caring, and that is just what I intend to do my friend! 



Why use visual recipes when I have a pile of dusty cookbooks already? This is an easy question to answer! Visual recipes allow kiddos to become a part of the cooking process from beginning to end. Engaging them with the step-by-step directions, age appropriate visuals, and concise language that is easily comprehended are just some of the perks. I am confident that using visual recipes will help you cook up communication among any kid you choose to whip something delicious up with!

Visual recipes are kid-friendly cooking activities that feature full-color recipe cards with step-by-step directions. I have created a fun assortment that includes four categories of 48 different, mouthwatering recipes for you to use in your sessions, classroom or at home. These recipes are designed with children (of all ages) in mind, so with a little guidance and supervision, these are ideal for your little chef(s)! 


As the Spring months kick off and the weather gets warmer, the last thing on your mind is standing in a warm kitchen or over the heat of your stove. Let’s get kids excited for the season change with these sweet, seasonal themed recipes that will ignite a passion and interest for cooking activities. What better way to tap into communication than through food?!

No doubt you are thinking about how to implement these either in your home, sessions, or classroom. With this set, you are getting so much more than just the visual recipes! Included in the April No-Cook Recipes:

  • VOCABULARY CARDS (for each recipe)
  • CHEAT SHEET (for each recipe): Pre-filled with targets for Vocabulary, Questions, Core Words/Phrases, & more.
  • SHOPPING LIST (for each recipe): Pre-filled with ingredients and tools needed.

  • The supplemental materials listed above were crafted for effortless fun with your young learner in mind. I guarantee you by trying one, they will be asking when they can make it again OR what type of recipe they can try next! I can promise you they’ll love the process and talk about it long after they enjoy eating the treat they made! Let’s get cookin’!



    If you struggle to get your kids to eat healthy snacks or lack the afternoon brainpower to come up with a sneaky way to get them eating, this one is for you! Using simple fruits you may already have in your fridge, this caterpillar will be both a new snack favorite and a healthy snack!

    This cute caterpillar screams Spring, but you could easily make this snack any time of year to present your student or child with a different presentation of familiar foods. 

    Speaking of presenting food differently, if you have a picky eater… I encourage you to check out these 7 Tips for Picky Eaters blog post. You will find useful tips and tricks to help you conquer the habits and pesky meal/snack time battles with food!





    Nothing says Spring like those sweet robin egg candies! This easy no-cook recipe can be made just in time for your Easter holiday party or throughout the Spring months.

    Expanding this treat into a real-world example is easy! When the weather gets nicer and birds start to create their own nests, talk to your kiddo(s) about how birds lay their eggs into nests or bird boxes! Another idea would be to buy/build a bird box that your student/child could paint and put outside for a bird to make their own nest in!




    Can you believe that there are over 15 different varieties of Peeps available this Spring? You can snag different flavors from hot tamales to chocolate dipped classic peeps. Whatever your heart of pallet desires can be found with a featured Marshmallow Peep!

    This delicious, no-cook Peeps Dirt Cup is the ideal dessert for Easter! Nothing better than a chocolate pudding topped with a sweet marshmallow Peep! You could modify this recipe so easily by using different sprinkles, candies, or crushed cookies! I know your students or kids will be asking for this year round, far beyond Spring time!



    WOW, your mind is going to be blown when you see how easy these popcorn eggs are. It is the perfect blend of salty & sweet. Ever think to yourself, ‘What am I ever going to use leftover plastic Easter eggs for?’... POPCORN EGGS! They are the PERFECT mold for this treat. 
    The best part of these no-cook popcorn eggs is that they can be customized to your kid’s favorite colors and/or sprinkles! I promise you that you might think twice about packing away those colorful, plastic eggs in your attic or storage; you might need them to mold popcorn balls throughout Spring and into Summer!                                     


    Bunny Bait FREEBIE 

    Saving the best for last! Check out this FREE Bunny Bait Visual Recipe that I have created to make you ‘hoppy’. This recipe follows the no-cook obligation to put a little more spring in your step. 
    Need a supplemental resource to pair with this delicious freebie?! I have you covered! Have you heard of or read How to Catch the Easter Bunny by Adam Wallace & Andy Elkerton? This childrens’ book is too cute not to share during this Spring season. I have created an Adapted Book Piece Set with BOOM Cards that pair up 24 questions (with two answers choices per question) to the book. Not only are the comprehension questions ready to use, I created visuals for hands-on, engaging learning. The BOOM cards will have your learner on the edge of their seat with excitement!
    This treat can be made even after the Easter holiday. You will only need simple ingredients to create this sweet treat. I know your kiddos will absolutely love making and eating this delicious, colorful snack mix! The best part about this freebie is that it can be tweaked to incorporate different ingredients to entice even your pickiest eaters. I insist that you take advantage of this freebie while you can by downloading Bunny Bait Visual Recipe Freebie!


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