Explore 5 November No-Cook Recipes for Kids

5 November No-Cook Recipes for Kids

November Visual Recipes

Hey November – you cool, crisp, and absolutely charming month, you! It's clear that we're knee-deep in the fall spirit. I know I am; I love the fall!! But, besides the cozy vibes and the anticipation of the holidays, there's something else that makes November special: the amazing food! This month has cooking written all over it, and who better to join in the fun than our little kitchen helpers? What do you think? I know you will find me in the kitchen all month long! Let's ditch the stove, crank up the excitement, and get our kiddos ready for a tasty, no-cook November journey! Join me as I go over my favorite 5 November No-Cook Recipes for Kids! 


Visual Recipe Cards

This month I'm not just cooking any regular recipes either, but my visual recipe cards! If you don't already know these cards add a fun and engaging element to cooking with kids.

 Visual recipes are simply kid-friendly recipe cards with pictures representing all tools, ingredients, and actions performed for each step of the recipes. 

And they aren't just for parents – they're perfect for SLPs, teachers, anyone who works with young children, or anyone looking to add a pinch of interactive learning and communication practice to their culinary adventures. With these cards, you'll find yourself practicing key communication skills like vocabulary, grammar, answering/asking questions, following directions, sequencing, expressive language, socializing, and basic concepts.

I've got a whole blog post dedicated to these helpful tools, and you can check it out Right here!


Before diving into my recipes, I want to talk about why these recipes are great to do with your kids or students! With every step clearly shown through pictures, kids can roll up their sleeves and get involved, all while learning about different ingredients, tools, techniques, PLUS support communication skills. It's not just about creating scrumptious snacks; it's about them building essential life skills, enhancing communication, and adding an educational twist to the mix. Plus, it's a wonderful chance for quality time together, creating lasting memories in the kitchen, especially this holiday season! 


Cooking with Kids

 Plus, these 5 recipes are NO-COOK, bonus value. No-cook recipes are like little kitchen miracles, especially when it comes to cooking with kiddos.

First and foremost, no-cook recipes are incredibly convenient. They eliminate the need for stovetops or ovens, which makes them ultra-safe for kids to get involved in the cooking process.

The simplicity of no-cook recipes also means less time spent on preparation and cooking, allowing for more quality time spent bonding with your kids or students. These recipes are a fantastic way to introduce kids to the world of cooking. They get hands-on experience with mixing, measuring, and assembling dishes, which not only builds their culinary skills but also boosts their confidence.

And as the holiday season approaches, no-cook recipes become even more appealing. They're a wonderful way to get everyone in the festive spirit, creating delicious treats that are both easy and enjoyable. So, while you embrace the delights of the season, consider adding a pinch of no-cook magic with these festive five November Visual Recipes! 

 1. Rice Krispie Turkey Legs

Rice Krispies Turkey Leg Visual Recipe Card

Let's kick things off with Rice Krispie Turkey Legs, a household favorite that's become a yearly tradition before Thanksgiving!

I'm particularly fond of starting with these treats because they require no sharp utensils, which simplifies the process when you have kids involved. With this recipe, it's all about kids getting hands-on – measuring, breaking, and melting – and voila, you've got your Turkey Legs ready to go! It's the perfect blend of simplicity and deliciousness.

Pairing up Rice Krispie Turkey Legs with a great read is a wonderful idea. Before getting hands-on in the kitchen, gather the kiddos for a story that sets the mood for Thanksgiving or shares the adventures of friendly turkeys. "How to Catch a Turkey" is a must-read this holiday season, and I even have an awesome Adapted Book Piece Set with Boom Cards to go along with it for after the cooking fun! This activity targets: Answering WH Questions, Story Retell, Expanding Utterances, Vocabulary, AND MORE! This is a fantastic way to create a complete, immersive experience for kids, making the holiday season even more memorable and meaningful. 

2. Pumpkin Pie in a Cup

Pumpkin Pie in a Cup Visual Recipe Card

 Next up, we've got a delightful treat – Pumpkin Pie in a Cup. I mean, who can resist the warm, comforting flavors of pumpkin, right? It's a real crowd-pleaser, making it a perfect addition to any gathering. 

Once again, you can team up with a good book. For example, "Peyton Picks the Perfect Pie." By doing this, you unlock even more educational opportunities, allowing you to target vocabulary (pumpkin, pie, celebrate), verbs (mix, eat, smell, bake), core words (put in, help, more), basic concepts (in, on, first, top), adjectives (sweet, round, soft, orange), and so much more.

It's a delightful way to combine the joys of reading with hands-on learning, creating a rich and immersive experience for kids.


3. Scarecrow Munch

Scarecrow Munch Visual Recipe Cards

 Now, for our next mouthwatering creation – Scarecrow Munch!

This treat is as delightful to make as it is to eat, and you're in for a real treat. Get ready for some munching and crunching!

These cards come complete with comprehension questions and vocabulary cards! These additional materials offer a fun and engaging way to enhance your child or students' understanding of the recipe and the cooking process.

When you incorporate these before diving into the recipe with your child or students, you'll find that understanding the steps and the cooking process becomes a whole lot easier and enjoyable.



4. Caramel Apple Bark

Caramel Apple Bark Visual Recipe Card

 And last but certainly not least, we've got an apple treat to cap off our cooking journey – Caramel Apple Bark.

This recipe is not just about making a delicious snack; it's also a great chance to teach kids how to use the microwave safely, making them more kitchen-savvy.

Plus, after creating this treat, you can have a little fun quizzing them on the order of steps, like "What came first, next, and last when we made our Caramel Apple Bark?"

It's like a little memory game that adds some extra fun to the whole cooking experience!So, whether you're in the classroom or cooking up a storm at home, this activity is a fantastic way to celebrate the holidays.


 5. Turkey Cookies FREEBIE!!

Turkey Cookies Visual Recipe

BONUS! I've got a little freebie for you – 

Let's talk turkey, but not just any turkey – we're talking about turkey cookies that are a piece of cake to make, especially for kids. Seriously, it's so simple! All you need is a few ingredients and a dash of creativity. They'll have a blast crafting these cute turkey-shaped cookies, and who can blame them? 

And here's the cherry on top. After the cookie-making, why not pair it with another activity? There are tons of turkey crafts out there, but one of my all-time favorites is the turkey coffee filter craft. It's the perfect combo of fun and learning. Kids will love getting creative with these adorable coffee filter turkeys.

Incorporating crafts in your classroom lessons is a great way to practice following directions, requesting items, sequencing steps, expanding on WH questions, and getting practice with spatial concepts.The best part? This craft is the ultimate no-stress, minimal-mess, pre-Thanksgiving party activity. It's a cinch to set up, and cleanup is a breeze, making it the ideal choice right before the holiday break.

Grab the Freebie and give visual recipes a try with your kids today! 

Turkey Cookies Freebie

Want More Visual Recipe Cards? 

If you've enjoyed these five no-cook recipes, you're in for a treat this December! As the holiday season is quickly approaching, what kid doesn't love making snowman and polar bear treats? Be sure to check out my December Visual Recipe bundle for more festive visual recipes and cooking adventures. It's a perfect way to keep the cooking fun going throughout the winter wonderland!

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December Visual Recipes


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November No-Cook Recipes for kids


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