25 Preschool SLP Must haves


25+ Preschool SLP Must Haves

We all know how precious our time (AND MONEY) are!  If you are anything like me, spending time researching the BEST deals and most essential items for your speech room and {LIFE} are basically daily things.  Let’s be real…it can also be a STRUGGLE!  I find myself scrolling through Amazon, running to Target dollar spot, and hitting up Dollar Tree A LOT…like WAY more than I would like to admit.

Sooooo, I figured with all the time I have spent shopping, why not share all the goodies with you! Check out my 25 + MUST HAVES for Preschool SLPs!

I have provided affiliate links in this post to most of my MUST HAVES!



This is kind of a given!  Think about it…daily schedules, communication books, visuals, etc.  MUST HAVE all the Velcro!  There are so many out on the market, but I am a sucker for the 1,000 pieces (500 pair sets) from Vkey on Amazon!  Such a great price and I love that they come in rolls.  So easy to cut into strips and keep half at home and half in your speech room.



Personal Laminator

Personal Laminator

I love having a personal laminator that I can quickly and easily use to get the most out of my resources! I got my first Scotch Laminator about 4 years ago.  I now have THREE {YES, I’m serious!}  I keep one in my speech room for those crazy mornings when I need to quickly laminate a few visuals or pages for my students.  The other two I keep at home for those Friday nights when I LAMINATE ALL THE THINGS {TPT products I’ve purchased or sometimes items I use with my own son}.


Dot markers

Dot Markers


These dot markers are great for preschool SLP students because they are fun to use and easy for little hands to hold. I use these almost daily!  I really haven’t met a preschooler who doesn’t love grabbing those dot markers and having fun {while learning of course!}



Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic Hooks are the perfect way for me to grab my Grab N' Go Task Cards, but are also great for hanging pictures, calendars, or important posters. I have all of my Grab N’ Go TpT Products hanging on these AMAZING, strong magnetic hooks so I can easily access them whenever I need!  They are seriously the BEST and easily hang from the side of your filing cabinet, metal desk, bookcase, etc.  Also great for just hanging up pictures, a calendar, important signs/posters, etc.

Wind Up Toys 

Wind up toys are a great way to get your kids excited about speech therapy activities sin your classroom! You need to hit up your local 5 Below, Party City, AC Moore, or whatever and grab as many Wind Up Toys as you can! The amount of language skills you can target are incredible.  If you can’t find any locally, definitely try Amazon!





They are the BEST especially when trying to get in those trials during your sessions.  Kids also like to use them to keep track of their own progress.


iPad Case Ipad case

 Having a durable iPad case is a must when working with kids. I bring my iPad with me to school and it's important for me to be able to keep it safe even if it gets dropped on the floor. It’s crucial to have a good, durable case for any unexpected drop on the floor!  I love the HDE Shock Proof iPad case because not only is it durable but comes in a ton of colors!

Fidgets/Sensory Toys


Fidgets are a MUST in the speech room and classroom!  They are so versatile, and kids love them.  You can find these at places like the Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart, etc.  I personally have some at home because sometimes the struggle is real! 





Binder Rings

I have a large stash of these around my house in various sizes (.75 inch, 1 inch, and 1.5 inch).  I have a large series of Grab N’ Go products in my TpT store and they wouldn’t come together without binder rings!  They also fit perfectly on those magnetic hooks I mentioned before!

Play Doh  

PLAY DOH is the BEST!  It’s the most fun tactile tool that you NEED to have in your speech room.  Just play with it or use it with TpT products like any of my Grab N’ Go resources.  Check out an example like.... Preschool Language Screener!






 Visuals Toolbox (Storage)

Storage containers are a must in my SLP classroom and help me keep everything organized and easy to access for my speech therapy students. I have gone through quite a few different storage containers to store all of my visuals (I have a TON!)  I previously used a small “craft” type container, but I outgrew that.  I purchased what many would call a “teacher toolbox“.  I spray painted mine (I’m obsessed with the color!) and made labels!



Kwik Stix 

I love these Solid Tempera Paint Pens!  They come in a ton of colors and can be used just like regular markers.  They dry super fast too which is always helpful when working with little ones.







Mesh Zip Top Bags


These are a MUST for organization!  You can put toys, books, games, school supplies, and more in them.  Makes traveling or pushing into the classroom so much easier because everything you need is in one bag!  I personally keep ALL of my Adapted Book Pieces (CHECK THEM OUT HERE) plus the books inside these bags.





Magnetic Wand & Chips  

Preschoolers literally think it is “magic” when you bust out the magnetic chips and wand.  I use them all the time because they are motivating and fun.  They work perfectly with Grab N' Go resources too because students can use the chips to mark their answers.  WINNING!


Pretend/Play Food

Whether you are working on a healthy food unit, holiday theme, etc., PRETEND FOOD is the best.  It’s perfect for sorting, labeling, describing, and much more.  I scored a bunch at my local dollar tree a few months back and Melissa and Doug has so many amazing food sets that I just love.  You can check out my list of over 50+ FOOD SETS HERE!


Mini Figurines

There are so many different sets that can fit just about any theme you are working on.  They work perfectly in a sensory bin.  My son Landon also loves using them for pretend play!  




Mr. Potato Head 

Whether you are working on Body Parts or doing a little play therapy, then Mr. Potato Head needs to have a spot in your speech room!




Diffusing Paper


I talk about this ALL the time on Instagram.  I seriously must use it about 15-20 times a year.  Here’s a quick run down….dot with markers, spray with water, watch the colors merge together, let it dry, and there you go…a beautiful craft to display in your speech room or send home with your students (not to mention how many goals I am able to target while using it!)  There are a ton of different packs like flowers, leaves, snowflakes, or just regular sheets of paper.


Ball Poppers 

This cute little guy is a hit in my speech room.  We work on requesting, core vocabulary like “go”, following directions, and so much more.  There are tons of different ball poppers on Amazon.  I think I need to get some more!




Colored HP Printer 

When it comes to printing resources to use with our students, a colored printer is a must.  It brings resources to "life" and definitely keeps students more engaged than plain old black and white, right?!  Oh and why HP you ask?!  TWO WORDS ….INSTANT INK!  This program is life changing and MONEY saving.


Finger Paint

The perfect way to use a little sensory play while creating masterpieces!


MUST HAVE all the BUBBLES!  Oral motor, articulation, following directions, expanding utterances…endless possibilities!  My preschoolers see bubbles and are ready to learn (and have fun!) instantly! Bubbles also give AMPLE opportunity for language development. You can incorporate vocabulary related to bubbles (pop, float, small, big) and encourage your students to use descriptive language while interacting with bubbles.





They will be your BEST FRIEND!  TRUST ME!  Visual timers are even more exciting for students. BUT, we all know that time is not our friend and especially when you are on a time crunch, this ensures that each session is productive, and your students get the attention they need! 





Reusable Stickers

Reusable Stickers 

Reusable stickers are the perfect interactive reword or activity! Melissa and Doug have these fantastic reusable sticker pads.  Tons of themes and ADORABLE!  They are super inexpensive and obviously can be used over and over again.






Dry Erase Marker

Dry Erase Markers 

Dry erase markers are a must in my speech therapy classroom. I laminate so much of my resources and using dry erase markers with them means they can be used over and over again. Click here to grab yours! 





LAST…but maybe the MOST IMPORTANT….SNACKS!!!  I don’t know about you but if I have some snacks (especially CHOCOLATE) stashed away in my desk, I am much more likely to be productive throughout the day!  So go ahead, TREAT YOURSELF and stock up your desk with goodies!


Now that you have gotten through my incredibly long (and hopefully HELPFUL) list, it’s YOUR TURN!  I want to hear from you!  What are your must haves for your speech room?!  I am ALWAYS looking for new goodies.  Thanks friends!!  I hope you enjoyed this!

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